Event & Family Photography

Nancy McMillan’s photography studio and the Outdoor Photo Park have encapsulated time for numerous families throughout the years. Nancy takes the time to get to know your children and learn their personalities before the session, and remains patient throughout.  Whether you need a baby picture or a senior portrait, Nancy will create a photo that accentuates your child’s distinct traits and personality.

The studio is equipped with numerous props, while the Outdoor Photo Park has a gazebo, an old cabin and other outdoor settings that are ideal for family photography.  Nancy is available for sessions throughout the day; she will work around your schedule.  Packages are available in units (sheets) and start as low as $25.00 a unit.  Units can include one 8X10, or two 5X7’s, four 4×5′s, or eight wallet-sized pictures.  Individual prints and wall portraits are also available.

Event Photography

Nancy is available to shoot on location at any type of special event, including a family reunion, birthday party or business event.  Nancy’s deft touch will help to summarize the significance of the event.

Nancy prices her event photography packages based on the type of event, the location and the estimated budget.  Please contact Nancy for more details. Also you may contact me at; mcmillanphoto@bellsouth.net